Gaurav and Alisha

Ramsukh Resort, Mahabaleshwar

When we first met the family, they were very explicit about having a wedding filled with power packed entertainment for each and every ceremony. And so we made sure the functions were celebrated with a huge bang.


They wished to have a Cannes Festival themed sangeet so everything was planned in accordance with the vibrant theme. A traditional singer for Mayra elevated the entertainment part of the sangeet. To keep the fun and frolic going, we suggested a mini Mahabaleshwar theme where fun activities were arranged. From ring games to balloon shooting to candy floss, the guests enjoyed thoroughly. The aura was more or less like a pool carnival with typical activities that are found in Mahabaleshwar market.


The functions were extremely lively and spirited. For the wedding, the couple wished to have a Temple themed wedding vedic phere. We ensured their wishes were fulfilled and gave them exactly what they asked for. The planning was intricate yet fun.


To conduct the vedic phere and chanting, renowned singer Rekha Rao was invited. Her performance added to the spiritual environment and one could imagine Ram & Sita getting married in the pious setup. The whole ceremony was beautiful and both the families were extremely content and satisfied with the outcome. We especially loved planning around themes and creating new concepts and ideas!