Arushi and Amit

Alsisar Haveli, Jaipur
Our first impression of Arushi was an absolute delight. She was extremely warm, polite and approachable during the entire meeting which made it easier for us to put our thoughts and views on the table. She too did not hesitate to share her ideas and suggestions about how she wished her wedding to be. 
We absolutely love that in a client! During our conversation with Arushi, we found out that she has a fondness for ancient and historic places. Keeping this in mind, after quite a lot of discussion and suggestions she then came to the conclusion that she would like to tie the knot with the love of her life in the pink city -Jaipur and we couldn’t agree more. 
We then quickly started shortlisting places of grandeur and elegance to suit our happy couple the best. Soon we found the dream wedding destination for Arushi – ALSISAR HAVELI. She was thrilled to go ahead with this place. We then proceeded to add finesse to the look and feel to the haveli. 
Our theme revolved around royalty and magnificence more like a Rajasthani theme. We had a vast royal food menu that included famous delicacies and the cuisine of Rajasthan. To add to the leisure factor, we also organized local folk Rajasthani dances. The details in the wedding is what added to the richness. The splendor of the wedding reflected on the faces of our happy and beautiful couple. All in all the wedding was a grand success!