Ishwari and Pradyumna

Ishwari is Maharashtrian and Pradyumna is South Indian, but obviously they wanted a grand traditional mixed wedding theme. We really love to experiment with ideas and come up with new innovative plans when it comes to inter caste weddings. So for their wedding we went all out and chalked everything to the very detail. 


As the couple decided for a mixed theme wedding, we suggested they adopt the colors yellow, orange, green and white to stick to the theme. So the ambience included marigolds and chrysanthemums, tuberose & mogra all over to highlight the color theme. The food was typical maharashtrian. For the musical aspect, we arranged the melodious percussion instrument – Loh Tarang to sweep away the guests and the couple off their feet into the mellifluous atmosphere. 


When it comes to entries, we always go big! So for our bride we had a stellar Indian entry, where she walked gracefully towards the mandap under a “phoolon ki chadar” over her head. This is to signify the love and care under which she has grown up in her family. It was an extremely sentimental and wholesome moment for the family. Our groom made sure to highlight his roots and entered in a typical South-Indian style, handsomely riding a bullet and creating an impression. 


On the whole the bride and groom’s entry felt like a movie scene filled with action and emotion. Moving on, the reception was based on a traditional red and golden colored setup. The blend of the colors in the ambience was beautiful and striking. The family held hand pyros to make the entry fun and grand. The food was multi-cuisine and we made sure there was a vast variety available for both sides of the family to relish. The instrumental live band present too, added to the whole mood of the wedding. It’s safe to say our couple had the time of their lives and made memories for a lifetime.